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Free Download YouTube Music without Subscription

YouTube Music was totally in a big mess before. With the continuous updates, YouTube has been refining this platform to make it one of the best music sources. Through YouTube Music's browser or app, you can enjoy numerous music tracks. But the ads generated by the Free YouTube Music subscription are annoying. A $9.99 per-month YouTube Music Premium subscription lets you eliminate ads. And meanwhile, you get the option to download music tracks for offline playback listening on devices.

Besides downloading YouTube Music tracks with a paid plan, a more reliable solution will be listed in this article. Follow us to learn how to download songs, playlists, albums, and other audio files in batches from YouTube Music without a subscription. It takes a few steps to complete. Here we go.

Free Download YouTube Music without Subscription

Step-to-Step Guide to Download YouTube Music with A Free Plan.

YouTube allows us to enjoy online music for free, but we will inevitably encounter times when there is no Internet. At this time, the function of downloading songs offline becomes especially important. At this time, you can join YouTube Music and become its paid subscriber. Then you can unlock its offline download feature. Or you could have a more advanced solution. Download songs directly with a free YouTube Music account without upgrading to a paid user.

There are very few truly professional YouTube Music downloaders on the market these days. One of them is TunePat YouTube Music Converter. It can fundamentally solve the YouTube Music download problem. Its solution is to directly help YouTube Music free or paid users to download and convert songs into common formats. Once the songs or audio from YouTube Music's library are in plain, unprotected formats, you can have those songs forever and use them however you want. With this powerful app, you can:

Download ad-free songs with a free or premium YouTube Music account.
Convert YouTube Music tracks to a common MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, or ALAC format.
Download lossless songs from YouTube Music with full ID3 tags.
Never lose your favorite songs, albums, or playlists of YouTube Music.
Play the downloaded YouTube Music with any common media player, such as Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, iTunes, etc.
Transfer the downloaded YouTube songs to any device, such as a phone, MP3 player, USB flash drive, SD card, etc.
Use the songs for other purposes: burn CDs, add BGM for videos, re-create songs, and more usages to be explored.

Do you want to know if TunePat YouTube Music Converter can solve all your problems? So now let's take a look at the detailed steps.

Step 1 Run TunePat YouTube Music Converter on Windows or Mac

Once you've installed TunePat YouTube Music Converter on your computer, start this program. In the first step, we only need to click on the "Open YouTube Music Web Player" button.

tunepat youtube music converter

Step 2 Log in to YouTube Music with A Free or Premium Account

Then we come to a built-in YouTube Music web player. Log in to YouTube Music with a Free or Premium account. Both accounts are feasible to download songs via TunePat. You can get access to the music library after logging in.

sign in YouTube Music

Step 3 Customize the Output Format, Quality, and More Settings

To satisfy different users, TunePat enables users to change the output format, bit rate, sample rate, output path, etc. Go to "Settings" in the top right, you are allowed to customize the output settings by yourself. Considering the usage of the downloaded songs, do not forget to choose the compatible output format.

adjust the output format of youtube music

Step 4 Download YouTube Music Tracks to Common Formats

Finally, we can download the preferred songs, playlists, and albums. Open a playlist or album, to download songs from this opened playlist or album, click on the "Add to List" button. Select the songs you need from the list, then click Convert Now. The conversion process will be launched immediately. And you will be surprised by its faster speed conversion.

🙋 Why is there another "Save to list" button?

Click the "Save to list" button, then the selected songs will be collected to a "task list" temporally. After that, you can collect songs from other playlists to batch download at once. Click the "task list" button in the upper right to find all of the added songs. Lastly, start converting all songs with one click.

select youtube music to download
converting youtube music to flac

Step 5 Enjoy the Playback of YouTube Music Freely

Since the YouTube Music tracks are converted to common formats, you can freely transfer them to any device, share them with friends, play them via common media players, etc. It's your time to enjoy YouTube music without limitation.

converted FLAC youtube music

After following the detailed steps above, have you saved all tracks you need from YouTube Music? If not, have a free trial of TunePat YouTube Music Converter to achieve the permanent offline playback of YouTube Music right now.

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