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Frequently Asked Questions for TunePat Programs:

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Technical support for Amazon Music Converter.

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Technical support for Spotify Converter.

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Technical support for Apple Music Converter.

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Technical support for YouTube Music Converter.

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Technical support for Pandora Music Converter.

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Technical support for Audiobook Converter.

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Technical support for
Tidal Media Downloader.

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Technical support for Deezer Music Converter.

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TunePat Subscription plans FAQ.

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Q1: What are the limitations of TunePat trial versions?

(1) TunePat Amazon Music Converter, Spotify Converter, Apple Music, TunePat Tidal Media Downloader: Able to convert the first 1 minute of each track and convert 3 music files at a time.
(2) TunePat Any Audiobook Converter: Able to download the first 1/3 part of each book

If you want to unlock the limitations of the TunePat trial version, you will need to get the software registered.

Q2: How to get a free license from TunePat?

We can provide a free license for users who share their experience of using TunePat programs. If you are interested in this, please learn How to Write a Review and Get Free License.

Besides, to benefit TunePat users to enjoy localized software, we warmly welcome volunteers from all over the world to translate TunePat programs into their native languages. We'll offer a free license in return. If you are interested in joining this activity, please visit How to Translate TunePat Programs for more details.

Q3: Have paid for the program but didn't receive the license?

In general, once an order has been confirmed, the license key will be sent to the email address you entered for the purchase within 2 hours. If you do not receive the license key, please check your Spam or Promotion email folder just in case it was incorrectly classified as spam or promotion email. Sometimes the arrival of this registration e-mail can be delayed, due to delays caused by internet or system glitches, email typos, etc. In this case, please contact us for assistance.

If you buy a one-month or one-year subscription and keep the renewal subscription, the license will be updated monthly or yearly. A new license key will be automatically sent to your email. Please remember to reactivate the program by using the new license.

Q4: What can I do if I purchased the wrong program?

If you find that you bought the wrong program, please contact the support team within five days after purchase and ask to exchange it for the correct one. If these two programs vary in price, please re-purchase the correct program within the applicable refund date and then forward the order receipt to the support team, and we will refund you the wrong order.

Contact us for more supports:

If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to contact us at for further help. We will reply to your message within 24 hours on weekdays and 48 hours on weekends. Your satisfaction is the best gift for us!

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