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Set a Sleep Timer for Amazon Music on Different Devices

The biggest challenge for some Amazon Music listeners who have trouble falling asleep and like to listen to some calming light music or podcasts while they sleep is how to stop the music from playing nonstop until the battery is completely gone, making the device extremely hot or even igniting more dangerous situations. Then you ought to learn how to make Amazon Music's sleep timer feature. This function can be a perfect solution to your troubles. . Before you go to sleep, you may be sure to listen to your favorite music, and you can make sure that it will turn off on its own without any interruption. Let's look at how to use Amazon's sleep timer on various devices now!

set up sleep timer for amazon music

Part 1: How to Set Amazon Music Sleep Timer for Android or iOS App?

A sleep timer function has been added to the Amazon Music app to enhance the user experience. On your iOS or Android smartphone, you may quickly set the sleep timer for the Amazon Music app. These are the specific steps.

If you are using an Android device, open the Amazon Music app on your phone. click on the "Settings" option. Select the "Sleep Timer" button from the menu. Then choose your ideal time, such as 15 minutes, 30 minutes, etc. After setting it, click on "Done" option to save it.

On an iOS device, use the same method to start the app, then navigate to the menu page and select the three horizontal dots in the top right corner. Select "Settings" by tapping it. The "Sleep Timer" button can then be tapped. Choose to turn on the sleep timer function and select the time you want to set from the table below. And then, the countdown will start automatically.

amazon music app sleep timer

Part 2: How to Set a Sleep Timer on iOS for Amazon Music?

You can use the iPhone's built-in sleep timer in addition to setting a timer within the Amazon Music app. This tool might go great with Amazon Music. You may quickly pause any music, movie, or other media that is playing while also locking the device and turning off the screen. This feature is also not brand-new. Even older or unupdated devices can use the sleep timer since it is a feature of the iPhone since iOS 7. The next steps are necessary to finish the setup.

Step 1Tap the "Timer" tab in the lower right corner of the Clock app once it is open.

Step 2Choose the desired timer duration in hours or minutes.

Step 3When the timer expires, click the "When Timer Ends" button at the bottom, then click the "Stop Playing" button in the menu that appears.

Step 4To start the timer, tap "Start".

iphone sleep timer

Part 3: How to Set Amazon Music Sleep Timer for Alexa devices?

In addition, you can also set or adjust the sleep timer through third-party commands issued by the echo device. This is a very adaptable method with Amazon Music. And in comparison, Alexa is better at understanding natural language. It is able to respond to less precise words as well.

To set up Amazon Music's sleep timer through Alexa's app, you'll need:

Step 1Download and launch the Alexa app on your mobile device.

Step 2Select "Settings" from the menu that appears after you click the "Menu" icon in the upper left corner of the Alexa app.

Step 3Use a voice command to activate the Alexa Sleep Timer or set the timer by saying "Alexa, Set Timer for 30 minutes" to activate the Amazon Music Sleep Timer. You can tell Alexa to set a second timer for 10 minutes if you've set the timer and aren't yet sleeping.

Part 4: How to Set Amazon Music Sleep Timer on Computer?

Set Amazon Music Sleep Timer on Windows:

Step 1In the Windows search box, type CMD. and select Enter.

Step 2In the Command Prompt window, type "shutdown -s -t" and the number of seconds you want, and select "Enter" again.

Step 3In the pop-up window, the warning "Windows will shut down in xxx minutes" will be displayed. The same warning will be displayed again as a reminder after a certain number of minutes before the shutdown.

Now you can start playing your favorite Amazon music. But you need to note that if you change your mind in the middle of the process and want to cancel the command, you need to open a command prompt and type "shutdown -a". Select enter.

Set Amazon Music Sleep Timer on macOS:

Step 1Click the "Apple" logo at the top left of your Mac computer desktop and select "System Preferences" from the drop-down menu.

Step 2Once tapped, locate and select the "Energy Saver" option.

Step 3Select the "Battery" tab in the pop-up window, then click the "Schedule" button in the lower right corner.

Step 4Check the box and select "Sleep" to configure your shutdown timer, then click "OK".

mac sleep timer

Now you can start playing your Amazon music and get ready to go to sleep. Your Mac will go into sleep mode and turn off Amazon Music 10 minutes after the scheduled time.

Extra Tips: How to Convert & Download Amazon Music in MP3 Format?

We'd like to provide you a tips regarding Amazon Music in addition to showing you how to set the sleep timer on Amazon Music. This advice can let you use Amazon Music in a variety of situations without any limitations. As a music streaming service, Amazon's tracks often cannot be freely relocated or shared. We are going to solve this problem by showing you how to export valid and high quality MP3 audio files from Amazon Music.

TunePat Amazon Music Converter, a strong music converter created especially for Amazon Music fans, is the tool you should use. Using this application, you may download your favorite songs from the Amazon Music web player to your computer in the most popular audio formats, including MP3, AAC, FLAC, and others. Beginners would benefit greatly from this straightforward and user-friendly application. Let's take a look at the specific steps.

Key Features of TunePat Amazon Music Converter

tunepat amazon music converter

TunePat Amazon Music Converter

  • okDownload Songs from Amazon Music Unlimited & Prime.
  • okConvert Amazon songs, albums, playlists, or podcasts.
  • okDownload music in MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF/ALAC.
  • okKeep original quality & ID3 tags after conversion.
  • okEnjoy Amazon Music on PS5, car, Android tablets, Apple TV, etc.

Step 1 Download the correct version of TunePat onto your computer first and then run the program. Launch TunePat Amazon Music Converter and select the "Open Amazon Music Web Player" option to access the built-in Amazon Music Web Player. An on-screen prompt will appear after that, requiring you to click "Sign In" and provide your Amazon Music account information in order to log in.

login to Amazon Music account

Step 2 Before making song selection and conversion, you need to finish changing the output parameters of the file in the "Settings" window. Choose the output format, output sound quality, output path, output file name, etc. according to your preference. Once you have made your selection, close the window and apply the settings.

change the output parameters of amazon music

Step 3 Open the an Amazon song, album, playlists, podcast, or artist you want to convert once the settings are complete. Next, select the "Add to list" button located in the bottom right corner. The songs are automatically read by TunePat, who lists them. Manually choose the desired tracks, then use the "Convert Now" button to begin the conversion.

Select Amazon Music to convert to mp3

Step 4 Now please wait patiently for the conversion to complete. The local folder you just created contains the converted Amazon music. Downloader Amazon Music tracks can be transferred to any device you like to play, such as Apple Watch, PS5, iPod, Android Tablet, etc.

download Amazon Music locally


Congratulations! You must now believe that creating a sleep timer for the Amazon Music app is a pretty simple process. Don't be hesitant because we've already shown you TunePat Amazon Music Converter, which is a very helpful tool. Keep your favorite Amazon tracks in your permanent collection by downloading this software!

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