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5 Ways to Download High-Quality Cover Art from Spotify

What is the most attractive part of a song or album? For part of Spotify users, it's the first impression of the artwork of the album. It's hard not to judge based on appearance. When we are attracted by the album's cover, we will linger a longer time and decide to listen or not listen to this album. Of course, Spotify will display an exquisite cover to lure you to click on the song or album. For some users, such exquisite covers can generate a desire to keep them forever. If you are part of those users, this article should not be ignored. In this article, we illustrate solutions to download high-quality Spotify cover art and extend a way to change and edit the cover art of the downloaded Spotify Music tracks. Following three parts in this tutorial, you will get knowledge of all details you want of Spotify cover art.

Download High-Quality Cover Art from Spotify

Part 1. Download Spotify Cover by Taking A Screenshot

It's known that the music or album cover could not be downloaded directly from the Spotify Music app or web player. There is a common method to save Spotify album covers is to take a screenshot on a computer. In this article, we will show how to take a full screenshot of the Spotify album cover on Windows PC and Mac.

Step 1: Start Spotify app on your computer, and start playing a song.

Step 2: At the bottom left, go to the cover thumbnail of this song, then you will see a "two-sided arrow" icon, use it to expand the cover art.

expand spotify music cover

Step 3: On Windows PC, press the "Windows icon+Shift+S" to start the screenshot. On Mac, press "Shift+Command+3" to start the screenshot.

Step 4: Simply select the area to screenshot the whole album art.

Part 2. Download High-Quality Cover Art from Spotify via Source Code

Here we are going to share a direct way to download and save the original cover images of Spotify songs or albums. This method can be used on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and other devices. You can download Spotify music or album cover even without a computer. It's more convenient when you need to save the Spotify music cover to your cellphone or tablet. What's more, it saves the original cover art from Spotify, which is considered the perfect solution who are interested in Spotify cover images.

Step 1. Open an album or playlist. If you want to get the cover art of a song, right-click on it. Then in the pop-up menu list, navigate to "Share > Copy Song Link".

If you need the cover image of the Spotify album or playlist, navigate to the album or playlist cover, and right-click on it. Then go to "Share > Copy link to playlist" in the pop-up menu list.

When the share link of the song or album is copied successfully, we can move to the next step.

copy spotify song share link

Step 2. Copy this link and add it in front of the "Share Link". Whereafter, open this combined link via a website browser.

E.g. The share link is:

Then we open this link via a website browser:

download spotify music cover

Step 3. The source code will be displayed. Find "thumbnail_url". You will see the source link of the cover art. Just copy the URL address of "thumbnail_url". Then open this link ( via a website browser.

download high-quality spotify music cover

Step 4. Finally, you will see this original cover art. Right-click on it and save it to your PC or device. It works for all songs and albums. If you want to try this method on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and other devices, it's feasible as well.

download spotify music artwork

Part 3. Download the Highest-Quality 1400x1400px Spotify Cover Art

When you've learned how to download Spotify cover art via the source code, you may think it's good enough. We can do much better than that. You are going to follow our simple steps to download the highest-quality Spotify Music cover art.

You may ignore another source to find the best Spotify cover image, that is Amazon. Amazon sells songs, albums, and CDs and of course, it provides high-quality cover images to attract more customers. But it's really hard for users to figure out how to download its original quality cover art without specific steps. Let's check it now!

Step 1: Open Amazon Store via a website browser on a computer or device.

Step 2: Input the name of the Spotify track/album, then you will find it in the search result. You can not only get one result. Generally, there are various results for a song or album.

Step 3: If the cover of the song or album is what you need, right-click on the cover image to get more options. Choose "Open image in new tab".

download spotify music artwork

Step 4: Then you will open the image in a small size via the website browser. For example, I need to download the cover art of [God is a woman]. Then I search for it and open its cover image via the website browser.

E.g. The link to this small cover image is:

We delete the code between two dots, including one dot. Here we delete ._AC_UY218_. Then we open the new link via a website browser:

download spotify music artwork

Step 5: Now, we get the 1400x1440px cover image of the Spotify Music track. Just right-click on it and save it to your local space. By the way, if the cover art is not 1400x1440px, you can go back to the search results. You should go to another option and then open its image again until you get the best one. Scroll down, you may also see CDs using the cover image you want. They are feasible too.

download spotify music artwork

download spotify music artwork

Part 4. Download Spotify Music to 320kbps MP3 Songs with Cover Art

Spotify provides both Free and Premium plans for users. Spotify captures the largest streaming music market with 4.22 billion users. For Free users, you can enjoy online listening with 160kbps audio quality. For Premium users, music with 320Kbps in an OGG format is available. Besides, you are supported to download Spotify music for offline listening. However, both Free and Premium users are prevented to play songs out of the Spotify app or web player.

To make full use of Spotify Music tracks, we are eager for another approach to downloading Spotify music. TunePat Spotify Music Converter has considerable expertise in downloading songs, albums and playlists from Spotify with ID3 tags including cover art. And with downloaded Spotify tracks, we can freely change its cover art if needed, which is about to be discussed in the next part. Moreover, we give the decisive vote for its conversion function. You can rarely reject a program that removes the encoded formats of Spotify Music tracks.

Tips: Want to download lossless music from other music sources? Check this page to select a preferred music converter.

tunepat spotify converter

TunePat Spotify Converter

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Step 1Open Built-in Spotify Web Player

After the completion of the installation, TunePat Spotify Music Converter can be initiated properly. Both Windows version and Mac version are offered. Choosing the right version when installing is necessary. On the primary interface, click on the "Open Spotify Web Player" button to enter the built-in Spotify Music web player. According to the prompt, your next step is to log in to Spotify Music with a Free or Premium account.

start spotify web player in tunepat

Step 2Set up Output Parameters in Settings

Changing the output settings is a priority. We are in favor of downloading Spotify music with individual customization. In the top right corner, find the "Settings" icon to launch the setting window. There are changeable options including the output format, output folder, bit rate, sample rate, etc. If you want to change the cover art when finishing the conversion, you should set the output format as MP3. And 320kbps songs from Spotify Music should be the optimal audio quality.

Tips: To get a whole playlist in the same order, select "Playlist Index" in the Output File Name setting. Meanwhile, select "None" in the Output Organized setting.

select spotify music output parameters

Step 3Convert Spotify Music Playlists to 320kbps MP3 Songs

Open any music album or playlist on the built-in Spotify Music Converter, then click on the "Add to list" button. At the moment, TunePat will load all songs from the playlist and provide available options to download. Select the needed songs then start an instant conversion by clicking on "Convert Now".

To save time for downloading multiple playlists at once, there is another option "Save to list" which supports batch conversion. Click on this button then the selected songs will be collected to a "task list" provisionally. You are allowed to repeat the previous steps to add more songs from other playlists or albums. Tap on the "task list" button, and you will see all added songs. If you need a batch conversion, hit on the "Convert" button to start converting.

converting spotify music to mp3

Step 4Check the Downloaded Spotify Albums/Playlists

Soon after, the songs from Spotify are saved to the local PC in MP3 formats. It's your choice to use the Spotify songs with virtual DJ software, burn the Spotify music to a CD, offline play the Spotify music with Windows Media Player, Groove Music, transfer the Spotify music to phones, tablets and MP3 players, upload the Spotify playlist to other music apps, and so on.

Since we've downloaded Spotify music with cover art, next we will share a trick for changing the cover art easily.

successfully download spotify music to mp3 on local pc

Part 5. Change Spotify Music Cover Art

It’s inadmissible to change Spotify Music cover art within the Spotify app or web player. Therefore, we adopt the method to download Spotify Music tracks in advance for an opportunity of changing the Spotify cover art. With TunePat Spotify Music Converter, we've exported songs we want from Spotify in part 4 with all the ID3 tags as well as the album cover preserved in the downloaded files. Let's herald the feasibility of changing and editing the Spotify cover art.

Change Spotify Cover Art On Windows:

Step 1. Open Groove Music. Then go to "Songs". Generally, the newly downloaded MP3 Spotify songs will be loaded automatically. If not, click on "Show us where to look for music". Navigate to the Music folder on the PC to add the downloaded Spotify songs to Groove Music.

add spotify music to groove music

Step 2. After opening the downloaded Spotify song on Groove Music, right-click the song and then click "Show album".

open spotify music on groove music

Step 3. Click the "three dots" then choose "Edit info".

change spotify music tag

Step 4. Click on the album cover and you are allowed to change the cover. Other tags of this song can be modified too. Click "Save" when you are done.

change spotify music cover art

Change Spotify Cover Art On Win/Mac:

Step 1. Open iTunes on Windows or Mac and drag and drop the songs you downloaded from Spotify to iTunes Library.

import spotify music to itunes

Step 2. Right-click the song and then click "Song Info".

eidt spotify music cover art

Step 3. Go to "Artwork" and click "Add Artwork" to change the music cover, then click "OK" to finish.

change spotify music cover art

Video Tutorial. How to Download Spotify Cover Art & 320kbps Spotify Songs

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