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The Best Disney Plus Video Downloader

Disney+ offers online video viewing options, but many people still prefer to download the video and watch it locally. This is because sometimes the network speed is very slow, resulting in buffering when watching videos. Pulling the progress bar can occasionally be annoying because it takes a long time to buffer or even fails to play. Furthermore, online video clarity is always limited. These issues are not present when downloading videos for offline viewing.

However, it is worth noting that Disney+ downloads also have strict rules regarding downloads; for instance, the download function is only available on iOS and Android devices. You won't be able to download videos to your computer as there isn't a Disney+ app for PC yet. Is there any way to solve these problems? Definitely yes! This is where TunePat DisneyPlus Video Downloader comes into play, improving the comfort of watching videos and movies.

best disney plus video downloader

Part 1: What is TunePat DisneyPlus Video Downloader?

TunePat DisneyPlus Video Downloader is a versatile and reliable video downloader designed for downloading HD videos and movies from Disney+ and retaining various audio languages and subtitles. This program is user-friendly and you just need to follow several steps to download the videos. Besides, you don't have to wait for hours to download a video because of its quick download speed. TunePat DisneyPlus Video Downloader is dedicated to offering users convenient services of the highest caliber.

Part 2: The Key Features of TunePat DisneyPlus Video Downloader

* Concise Interface and User-friendly

There is no fancy interface here, just a simple and clear interface. The download page is also very straightforward; there are no complicated operation steps, and it is also very suitable for computer novices to use. You can download the video to your computer in just a few simple steps: Log in, Setting, Search and Download.

* Intelligent Search Mode

Thanks to its smart search mode, TunePat DisneyPlus Video Downloader enables you to search for series and movies in two easy ways without the Disney+ app, one is entering the names or keywords of the videos, and another is copying the links of the videos from the Disney+.

* Download High Quality Video

TunePat DisneyPlus Video Downloader supports downloading high-resolution videos (up to 720p) and saving the subtitles and audio completely during the download process. It has a variety of languages to choose from, and you can pick one or two of them specifically according to your region or viewing experience. With respect to the video subtitles, TunePat offers 3 encoding modes: Internal Subtitles, External Subtitles, and Hardcode Subtitles. Apart from this, it allows you to download subtitles in SRT format and save them individually so you can edit them on your own.

* Save Disney Plus Videos as MP4 and MKV Format

As we all know, downloaded videos can only be viewed in the Disney+ app. Whereas, with TunePat DisneyPlus Video Downloader, you are permitted to download and save Disney Plus videos directly to your computer. In addition, the downloaded videos are in the widely used MP4 or MKV format to get beyond device limitations and transfer videos to any device you want, like VLC or non-smart TV.

* Support Batch Download

If you want to download an entire season of a TV show, the Disney+ app requires you to manually click each video, which is quite annoying. However, TunePat DisneyPlus Video Downloader allows you to download all seasons or episodes with one click instead of clicking on each, saving both time and effort.

Part 3: What Devices Does TunePat DisneyPlus Video Downloader Support?

TunePat DisneyPlus Video Downloader fills the gap that Disney+ videos cannot be downloaded on computers. This program works on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11 (32 bit or 64 bit) and macOS 10.15- macOS 13, which not only allows you to download Disney+ movies and shows in MP4 or MKV format on a computer, but also enables you to move the downloaded videos to any other device, like an SD card or USB Drive.

Part 4: What is the Pricing of TunePat DisneyPlus Video Downloader?

Before making a final purchase decision, the majority of people will typically want a trial period. TunePat DisneyPlus Video Downloader did it. The free trial version of this program offers all the same features as the full version, but it only enables you to download the first 5 minutes of each video. After using it, you'll be surely impressed by its powerful functions.

You can subscribe to the app if you want to continue using it. It offers three subscription plans for you to choose from, a monthly plan ($14.95), a yearly plan ($59.95), and a lifetime plan ($129.90). There is a caveat to pay attention to, both monthly and yearly plans are auto-renewed. Please keep in mind to cancel your subscription prior to being charged if you do not want to keep it. For payment, Paypal and all major credit cards are accepted.


Part 5: How to Use TunePat DisneyPlus Video Downloader to Download Videos?

Step 1 Launch Program and Log in Disney+ Account

Download the latest version through the official website and then launch it. Enter some words in the search bar, and you will be asked to log in to your Disney Plus account.

log in disney plus

Step 2 Customize the Output Settings

Click the "Settings" icon in the top right corner, then the following screen will appear, where you can choose the output settings. It includes video format, video quality, audio language, and subtitle language. It can be customized based on your personal preferences and viewing habits.

log in disney plus

Step 3 Search for Disney Plus Videos

Search the videos by entering the title or copying the link of the wanted videos. It will quickly find the content and also list some related videos below the search box.

search for the disney plus video

Step 4Choose the Advanced Settings

Find the videos that you want to download. If you want to download a TV series, it offers batch download, which allows you to download all seasons with a single click.

If you have more specific requirements for the TV series, you can set them by clicking the "Advanced Download" button after choosing the episodes. Following a window, you can reselect the video quality, audio, and subtitles. If you want to download a movie, the advanced settings option can be found by clicking on the button to the right of the "Download" button.

advanced setting

Step 5Downloading the Videos

After complete the above settings, you can start downloading the selected videos by clicking the "Download" button. Once finished downloading, you can find the downloads in the "Library". Locate the folder where the videos are. Now, you can watch the videos on your computer or move them to any other device.

download disney plus video


In a nutshell, in terms of page settings, software features, download speed, and compatibility, TunePat DisneyPlus Video Downloader is undoubtedly a second-to-none software for downloading Disney+ videos. With this wonderful program, you can watch videos offline anytime, anywhere. You can also share the videos with your friends who are not subscribed to Disney+. If you feel like it is what you are looking for, why not download and enjoy it?

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