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How to Download and Convert Deezer Songs to AIFF

After years of development, Deezer currently has become one of the best challenging services in the busy music streaming market. Originally this platform was only available in Belgium, France, and the U.K., and it became available for U.S. customers in 2016. Founded in Paris, this platform presently has 90 million licensed tracks in its library, with more than 100 million playlists. There are around 16 million active users across over 180 different countries globally.

Like other popular music streaming services, Deezer also offers users the subscription model. Deezer premium users have plenty of content, like music tracks and podcasts, to enjoy. Even though Deezer Hi-Fi costs a bit more, listeners can get CD-quality streaming via the FLAC format. Saving songs in other formats is also a good choice. Such as uncompressed AIFF format. If you're interested, let's have a more in-depth look into converting and downloading Deezer songs into AIFF and saving them forever on a computer.

download deezer music as aiff

Part 1: What is AIFF Format?

1.1 What is an AIFF File?

AIFF is an audio interchange file format used by Macintosh computers and Silicon Graphics Incorporated to store and transmit high-quality audio data. The format was developed by Apple Computer in 1987-88 according to the IFF standard. Therefore, these files may have the extension .aif or .ief.

They are made for CD-quality audio, and this means a 4-minute song in AIFF format would require 40MB of disk space, which is similar to WAV files. And they are quite large compared to the ubiquitous MP3 format for supporting only uncompressed PCM data.

1.2 How to Open an AIFF File?

You can open AIFF files and play the audio they contain with various media players, including Windows Media Player, iTunes, QuickTime, VLC, Media Player Classic, Roxio Toast, etc.

Generally speaking, iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad can play AIFF files natively without running a specific app. A file converter will be needed if you can't play the AIFF files on an Android or other non-iOS mobile device.

Part 2: How to Convert and Download Deezer Music in AIFF Format?

Deezer gives you four available options from which to choose the audio quality. These are measured in bits per second, and basically, the more bits per second you have, the better your sound quality. As you know, the highest audio quality is that Deezer Free users can get access to is 128kbps in MP3 format, and Deezer Premium Account can reach 320kbps, also MP3 format. If you subscribe to Deezer HiFi, you can get High Fidelity sound. That means you will get music files encoded in FLAC format at 16-bit, 1411 Kbps.

You can choose different subscription types according to your needs for sound quality. Of course, even if you choose the paid option, Deezer also gives you a one-month or three-month trial period. This time depends on your region and eligibility. But in any case, Deezer has always had limitations unique to streaming music platforms. That is, even if you are allowed to listen to songs offline and your data will not be consumed in the process of listening to songs, this is also only within the Deezer app. You have no way to move this file to a local folder on your computer, a removable hard drive, etc. There is no way to convert to other formats, such as AIFF, which we will discuss next.

If you want to convert Deezer music to AIFF format, then the best way is to use third-party tools, such as Deezer Music Converter. This is a music downloader developed by the core technology department for Deezer users. After a straightforward operation, you can download the Deezer Music you want and save it to your computer in the format you want. On the basis of maintaining the original sound quality of songs and ID3 tags, this converter is also equipped with advanced and unique decoding technology. You can convert playlists at ten times faster speed, saving your time and energy.

Tips: Want to download lossless music from Amazon Music? TunePat Amazon Music Converter can download Amazon tracks at up to 320kbps with ID3 tags kept.

Key Features of Deezer Music Converter

Deezer Music converter

Deezer Music Converter

  • okDownload Deezer songs, playlists, ablums and podcasts.
  • okSupport MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF/ALAC format.
  • okPreserve high quality & ID3 tags.
  • okDownload Deezer songs from the web player.
  • okFree technical support and software upgrades.

Next, we will introduce the specific steps in detail. If you don't already have this program on your computer, please download the correct version first.

Step 1After installation, run Deezer Music Converter. Click on the Open Deezer Web Player button to visit the next page. According to the tip, if it's the first time you use the software, you should sign in with your Deezer Music account. Please note that you can log it out if needed after you finish the conversion process.

log in to Deezer Music account

Step 2Next, we proceed to the second step. After logging in successfully, you can browse the Deezer library freely, but please don't rush to click on the song to convert it. Before that, you need to complete a critical step. That is to custom output settings. Click the Settings icon in the upper left menu bar. A window will pop up. In this window, different options can be changed or selected.

Please choose according to actual needs. After completing the settings, close the window, and these new settings will be applied automatically.

◉ Output Format: MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC
◉ Bit Rate: 128kbps, 192kbps, 256kbps, 320kbps
◉ Sample Rate: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz, 192kHz (depending on the output format)
◉ Output File Name: {Track Number}, {Title}, {Artist}, {Album}, {Playlist Index}, {Year}
◉ Output Organized: None, Playlist, Artist, Album, Artist/Album, Album/Artist, Playlist/Artist, Playlist/Album

Customize Output Settings

Step 3After completing the settings, you can choose the song. Directly open the song, artist, playlist, album you want to convert or search in the search box. The Click to add button on the right will change from grey to blue after opening the target project. Click this button, and the song you selected will be automatically read. Tick the songs you want and click Add option.

Select the Convert button on the page to start converting.

Select songs
Start to convert

Step 4Please wait patiently until the conversion is complete. How long it takes to convert all the songs depends on the number and size of your selected songs. After all the conversions are completed, you can view and play the converted songs in the Converted module. Of course, you can also navigate to a local folder for viewing. These converted AIFF files can be shared or moved as you like.

Check downloaded songs


The article ends here! Now you should know how to easily download Deezer playlists to AIFF format by the method mentioned above. If desired, you can also convert Deezer to other widely used formats, such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, or ALAC. This method is simple and effective. Then you can save, edit, transfer, or share your Deezer music more freely. Download the free trial version now and start converting the songs you want right away!

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