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How to Convert Apple Music/Albums/Playlists to WAV

Apple Music is a subscription-based streaming service. As the service has attracted some of the world's most well-known DJs, it has gradually grown in popularity. Apple Music will be your default app for listening to music if you have an iOS device. Apple Music does not have a free version accessible right now. Apple Music is currently not free, but there are a variety of options to get a free trial ranging from one month to six months (your account will be renewed automatically if you don't cancel before your free-trial time expires). You can also get a special student rate if you are a student.

As long as you're an Apple Music subscriber. You may download songs and playlists for offline listening in addition to streaming music, so you can listen to amazing music even if you're camping in a hilly area with no service. Do these download files, however, imply that you own the songs? When your subscription ends, will you still be able to listen to these songs? No, it's not real! As a result, converting your favorite Apple Music songs to WAV format and saving them to your computer ahead of time is a good idea. Continue to read this article!

convert apple music to wav

Part 1: What is WAV Format?

1.1 What is a WAV File?

The Waveform Audio File Format (WAV) is a widespread audio file format standard created by Microsoft and IBM. It is used for everything from system and game sounds to CD-quality audio.

The WAV format uses containers to store audio data, track numbers, sample rates, and bit rates. Because WAV files are uncompressed lossless audio, they can take up a considerable amount of space, about 10MB per minute, with a maximum file size of about 4GB.

1.2 How Can I Open a WAV File?

When compared to Apple's unique audio formats, WAV files are more compatible. If you double-click a WAV file on Windows, it will open in Windows Media Player. The Quicktime multimedia tool, which recognizes WAV files as well as a variety of other file formats, comes standard with the MacBook. To play music files on your Mac, you can use a variety of apps such as iTunes or VLC. If you need to, a quick change of settings in Finder will make Quicktime the default player for WAV files.

1.3 Why Convert Apple Music to WAV Format?

Apple Music, as you may know, uses a special AAC encoding format, and songs from streaming music providers may only be played offline and cannot be modified or transferred. They aren't even compatible with devices other than the Apple Music app and iTunes. As a result, we'll need to convert Apple Music to a different format. But why did we convert it to WAV instead of other popular formats, like MP3? It's up to you to decide whether or not this format is appropriate for your purposes.

Advantages of the WAV format:

1. WAV is a simple and easy-to-edit format. You can also add WAV files to videos, or use them for music production and editing, such as in your DAW.
2. The uncompressed WAV format is ideal if you want high-quality audio. WAV format files can record the complete frequency range between 20Hz and 20kHz, which the human ear can perceive. You may lose some sound at the lower or higher end of the frequency spectrum when compared to the compressed MP3 format.
3. If you're recording sound at home, such as for a podcast or to record yourself performing an instrument, you should save it in WAV format. WAV files are compatible with most podcast recording tools. And sticking to that format ensures that as much information as possible is kept.

Part 2: How to Convert & Download Apple Music to WAV Files?

Apple Music is a service that gives you access to the Apple Music library through a paid subscription. Once your membership expires and you choose not to renew it, you will lose access to these songs. And the playlists you have customized within your account will be emptied over time. According to the official statement, Apple Music will keep your song list for a month.

Downloading a dependable and effective third-party tool is the solution to this potentially uncomfortable issue. And the best choice is TunePat Apple Music Converter. This converter can rip and convert any of your favorite Apple music, songs, albums, playlists, or podcasts to MP3, WAV, AAC, AIFF, FLAC, and ALAC. We also offer other highly useful designs, such as support for converting songs at ten times conversion speed in batch, preserving original sound quality and ID3 tags, allowing customization of output file names and classification models, and so on, to better fulfill the needs of customers. As you'll see as you read on, the procedures are also fairly simple to follow.

Key Features of TunePat Apple Music Converter

tunepat apple music converter

TunePat Apple Music Converter

  • okDownload songs, albums, playlists, and podcasts from Apple Music.
  • okConvert Apple Music songs to MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF/ALAC.
  • okPreserve the original quality of the songs after conversion.
  • okKeep ID3 tags including Title, Album, Artist, etc.
  • okDownloaded songs can be played on the USB drive, Amazon Echo, etc.

Note: You must be in the middle of an active Apple Music subscription to use this approach. The conversion will be impossible otherwise. However, once the transfer is complete, these Apple Music tracks can be saved permanently.

Step 1 Run TunePat Apple Music Converter on your computer. Click the Open Apple Music Web Player button on the home page. Follow the on-screen instructions to log in to your Apple ID, once logged in, you will see the same interface as if you were logging in directly to the Apple Music website in your browser.

sign in with Apple id

Step 2 Before you begin picking music for conversion, go to the Settings panel. Here's where you'll finish customizing the basic output parameters. In the Output format field, choose WAV. You can also select the output sound quality, output path, and other options. TunePat offers a variety of options for sorting the converted files to help customers manage their Apple Music local music library. You can sort the converted files by Artist, Album, Artist/Album, Album/Artist, or Playlist.

download apple music in wav

Step 3Open the Apple Music tracks you'd like to convert to WAV. To move to the next page, click the cover and find the Add to list button in the lower right corner. This button should be pressed. In the pop-up window, the songs will be organized. Simply select the songs you want to convert and click Convert Now.

If you wish to keep selecting songs and convert them all at once, select Save to list instead.

Step 4Now go ahead and select the songs you want to convert. As always, select the Save to list button. Once you are done with the selection, click to go to the task list module. This is where all your selected song items are stored. Click Convert to start the conversion.

convert apple music to wav

Step 5 Now you just need to be patient. What you need to know is that TunePat can also be used as an online player. After the conversion, you can go directly to the History module to browse and play the songs. The songs in the local folder are saved in WAV format and can be transferred to your smartphone, tablet, and other places.

wav apple music


In short, downloading music files in WAV format is a piece of cake if you have TunePat Apple Music Converter. This tool is flexible, easy, and efficient when compared to other traditional converters. You can listen to the converted tracks on whatever device or player you like. Time, location, or account subscription have no bearing on it. To get the free trial version for your PC, click the button below!

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