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How to Download Audible Plus Catalogue to Mac

As the world's largest producer of digital audiobooks, Audible is a very popular service owned by, Inc. It was known as "Books on Tape" when it first launched 25 years ago. Today, Audible can provide you with over 500,000 titles. You can stream them on top of different devices, like Android, Android tablets, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac, Amazon Fire Tablets, Fire TV, Kindle devices, and more, or buy them and download them for offline playback. The rich and exciting content has left a lasting impression on everyone

Audible offers two different subscription plans. Premium Plus is the one that costs $14.95 per month. The other option is Plus, which is a less expensive plan that costs only $7.95 per month. You will only have access to the Audible Plus catalog with this. Unlimited listening to select audiobooks, Originals, Podcasts, and more are included. If you want to download audiobooks from the Plus Catalog to your computer and store them as local files, read this tutorial carefully. We'll show you how to download audiobooks to your Mac from Plus Catalog in this article.

download audible to mac

How to Download MP3 from Audible Plus Catalogue to Mac?

One might ask, is it worth the money to subscribe to this membership service from Audible? A difficult question. But luckily, trying out the service for free for 30 days before actually buying it is a wallet-friendly way to go. Some people also wonder if canceling a subscription is a hassle. Canceling a subscription is pretty easy, and if you paid for an audiobook on Amazon, it will remain in your Audible library forever, even if your subscription has ended. What about audiobooks in the Plus Catalog? Can you continue to access them after your subscription period has expired? No!

To address this issue, TunePat has launched TunePat Any Audiobook Converter, a simple and effective audiobook grabber. You can read and convert audiobooks directly in Audible using this tool, regardless of whether they have been added to your library or not. You can choose to output audiobooks as MP3, M4A, and M4B. Audible audiobooks purchased and downloaded locally, audiobooks from the Plus catalog, public podcasts, and Audible's exclusive podcasts are all supported with TunePat. Because audiobooks are typically lengthier, TunePat provides a 100X faster converting speed to the users. Let's look at how to utilize this tool to export audiobooks to Mac from the Plus Catalog.

Key Features of TunePat Any Audiobook Converter

tunepat audiobook converter box

TunePat Any Audiobook Converter

  • okConvert audiobooks from local, Audible library, or Audible Plus.
  • okSupport converting Audible audiobooks and podcasts.
  • okConvert AA/AAX audiobooks to M4A, M4B, and MP3 format
  • okConvert audiobooks at 100X faster speed
  • okKeep original quality, chapters, and ID3 tags

Step 1 To begin, click the icon above to download the appropriate Mac version. TunePat Any Audiobook Converter should be launched. The home page will thus have two entrances. You will be taken to the Audible website embedded in the TunePat program if you click the Add from Audible library button. After that, please log in to your account by following the steps.

visit audible library

Step 2 Once you have successfully logged in, you can go to the Plus catalog and browse for the audiobooks you want to download for conversion. You can click the Add to library button to add it to the library and convert it, or you can just click the blue Add to list button on the right to read and convert it. But before that, please complete the important step on the Settings pop-up, which is to customize the output parameters, including output format (Original/M4A/M4B/MP3), output quality, output path, etc.

convert audiobooks to mp3

Step 3 Find the target audiobook and click the Add to list button. TunePat will automatically load the book. To begin converting the book, click Convert Now.

Alternatively, you can put the book to the to-be-converted list by tapping the Save to list button at the bottom left of the pop-up window. When you're finished, go to the top right of the toolbar and click the task list button. Select the Convert button here to get all the audiobooks in the list at once.

select plus catalog audiobooks to download

Step 4 Wait patiently until the conversion is complete. By default, the program is set to automatically pop up the folder where the output files are located after the conversion is completed. You can also select the Do nothing or the Put system to sleep option in the After Converting option bar in the lower right corner, and you can view all your converted audiobooks in the History module. Double-click a file to play it within the program.

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Let's summarize briefly. This article is to give you a simple and easy way to download audiobooks to Mac from the Plus catalog. As long as you are a paid subscriber of Audible Plus or Audible Premium Plus, you can use this method. And, this method is not only for macOS system portable or desktop computers but also works for Windows computers. When you download audiobooks in MP3, M4B or M4A formats that are not protected by special mechanisms, playing them will become much freer. On any device at any time, with or without the Audible app, you can enjoy them.

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