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Solved! Solutions of Fixing Spotify Liked Songs Not Showing

Spotify is currently the streaming music platform with the most active users. Here you can listen to different content, including albums, playlists, podcasts, and more. As such a music app that many people rely on and support, Spotify can have some unavoidable problems. For example, many users have recently experienced problems with Spotify liked songs not displaying after updating the app. While the Spotify team has noticed this bug, there is no specific solution in sight.

So, how do we fix this problem? If you are experiencing the aforementioned dilemma, make sure you read this article. We'll talk you through the reasons why Spotify's liked songs are disappearing as well as offer some solutions that might help you fix the problem.

fix spotify liked songs not showing

Part 1: Why is Spotify Not Showing Liked Songs?

There is no specific explanation for why Spotify's liked songs are not showing up. Here we have listed some possible causes.

1. The program is no longer accessible.

2. Spotify's servers may be down and you will need to wait for it to recover.

3. Your computer or mobile device has been infected by a virus or malware, which just so happens to have corrupted your Spotify data.

4. A Spotify Premium account has expired. If your subscription has expired, you will not be able to see the songs you like.

5. Unstable internet connection. A non-functional internet connection will make your Spotify's liked songs temporarily unavailable.

Part 2: How to Fix Spotify Liked Songs Missing?

Method 1: Check the Network Situation

Apart from the songs that Spotify paid members to download via the download feature which allows offline playback without an internet connection, any Spotify song we want to play online requires an internet connection. Whether it's WiFi or mobile data. A bad internet situation can make for a lot of unexpected situations when you use Spotify.

That the reason why your liked songs don't show up could also be because of a poor network. That's when you need to check the network situation. If you're using Wi-Fi, try restarting your router and reconnecting to see if that fixes the problem. For mobile data connections, make sure that your phone is not down and that you have enough data left.

Method 2: Wait Till Spotify Fixes the Issue

Liked songs may not be displayed by Spotify if there is a bug or mistake in the app or if the servers hosting the app are down. The Spotify team is aware of the issue and is trying to resolve it. If you're not in a rush to address the issue right now, all that's left to be done is wait until the Spotify staff resolves it or the Spotify servers are operating normally.

Method 3: Log Out and Log Back Into Spotify

You can try logging out and logging back into your Spotify account to resolve the problem of Spotify not showing liked music. When you return to Spotify after logging out, see if your favorite tracks have been loaded.

◉ Click on your profile picture > Log out to exit Spotify if you're using a computer.

◉ Go to Home > Settings > Log out if you're using the Spotify mobile app.

Try alternative remedies if Spotify is still not showing liked music.

Method 4: Clear Cache & Reinstall Spotify App

Reinstall the Spotify app after clearing the cache to resolve the Spotify not showing loved songs issue. The Spotify app can occasionally be uninstalled and then reinstalled to remedy problems. Seek different remedies if Spotify is still not displaying liked music.

On an Android Phone:

Step 1 Tap Settings and then select Apps from your Android home screen.

Step 2 Locate the Spotify app, open it, and then erase the cache and all data.

Step 3 To remove the application, choose Uninstall.

Step 4 Visit a reliable app store to reinstall Spotify's most recent version.

On an iOS Device:

Step 1 Start Spotify. To delete the cache, select Storage from the app's settings menu.

Step 2 Go to Settings on your device, then select General. Click on iPhone Storage. Spotify can be chosen from the list of apps.

Step 3 To confirm, tap Offload the app. The app will be deleted as a result, but the papers' data will remain. Next, tap Delete App and then click OK.

Step 4 From the App Store, reinstall Spotify.

On Windows:

Step 1 Click the Start button.

Step 2 Select Settings > Apps > Apps & features > Spotify.

Step 3 Click Uninstall, and then tap on Uninstall option again in the pop-up to confirm.

Step 4 Install Spotify again from the Windows Apps store.

On Mac:

Step 1 Launch Finder, then select Go.

Step 2 Select Library from the drop-down menu. 

Step 3 Open Caches and delete the com.spotify.client and com.spotify.client.helper folders.

Step 4 The Spotify folder can be deleted by opening Application Support after clicking the back arrow.

Step 5 Install Spotify again.

Method 5: Install the Previous Version of the Spotify App

You can install the previous version of the Spotify app to resolve the issue with it not showing liked songs. Sometimes there might be some bug in the latest version.

Please be aware that only Android users will benefit from this temporary solution; iPhone users will not.

Method 6: Re-add Manually Your Favorite Music

It's a maddening-sounding method. Especially if you have a fairly large number of songs in your Liked Songs list. So, this method is only for people with a small number of songs on their list and who are desperate to solve the problem. After all, the reality is that the Spotify team still hasn't come up with a legitimate way to solve the problem once and for all. If this situation arises, it will make you feel distracting. We also offer you a way to avoid your Spotify playlists disappearing again due to some force majeure factor. Please read on.

Part 3: How to Fix Spotify Liked Songs Not Showing Issue Permanently?

To eliminate the above-mentioned annoyance of Spotify song lists suddenly disappearing, then the safest way is not to become a Premium member and then download the desired song list to your computer or mobile phone. This is because this method has an "expiry date". This is only possible if you are a paying Spotify subscriber and have a valid subscription. Otherwise, the downloaded songs will no longer be available as time passes. Also, too many caches can cause your phone to lag, run out of memory, and a host of other problems.

If you don't want to get involved in this problem again, our recommended ultimate solution is to use TunePat Spotify Converter to back up all your favorite songs. This method will help you download any Spotify songs, playlists, albums, podcasts, and more in MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, and other popular formats for offline playback even without Spotify Premium. These songs can be freely transferred and shared. You can upload downloaded song lists to Onedrive or other cloud services, or save them to an external storage device such as a USB drive. This way, your computer and mobile phone are not overloaded with space and you don't have to worry about losing all your songs due to a damaged device.

Key Features of TunePat Spotify Converter

tunepat spotify converter

TunePat Spotify Converter

  • okDownload Spotify songs, playlists, albums, and podcasts.
  • okConvert Spotify songs to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, or ALAC format.
  • okEasily download songs from Spotify to the local computer.
  • okKeep ID3 tags and preserve lossless audio quality.
  • oksupport up to 10X faster conversion speed.

You may easily download your favorite Spotify songs locally if you just follow the procedures listed below. Get the appropriate version and follow along!

Step 1 If you select the "Open Spotify Web Player" button on the home screen, TunePat will take you to the embedded Spotify Web Player. Then, just refer to the on-screen instructions to finish entering your account information. Once you've successfully logged in, you may access your Spotify library.

login Spotify account

Step 2 Please adjust the output parameter settings before making your music choices. The "Settings" window should be visited. The output format, bit rate, sampling rate, output folder, output file name, and other options can all be chosen based on your requirements. As soon as you shut the window, it will become effective.

Set the output format of Spotify music for iPod

Step 3 Once the setup is complete, you may access a Spotify song, playlist, or album that you want to convert for download. The songs will then be displayed in a pop-up window after you click the "Add to list" button in the bottom right corner. In this window, you can tick off the items you want to convert. Select "Convert Now" from the menu to begin the process. Just wait patiently for the conversion to complete. 

add spotify songs to tunepat
convert spotify songs to mp3

The converted Spotify songs can be used to:

1. Transfer to other streaming platforms, such as Apple Music, Tidal, etc.
2. Save to external storage devices such as SD Card, USB Drive, external hard drive, etc.
3. Enjoy ad-free Spotify Music without a Spotify Premium account.
4. Import these audio files for use in various programs including but not limited to Windows Media Player, GarageBand, Virtual DJ, and iMovie.
5. Play Spotify music on Smart TVs (like Apple TV, LG Smart TV, and more) without the Spotify app.


Hopefully, you've solved your problem with your liked songs not showing up on your Spotify after reading this article. If you still can't fix it, please be patient and wait for an official response. Or if you want to add songs manually again, do remember to be prepared for anything. To prevent these songs from being lost again, we strongly recommend that you download the TunePat Spotify Converter and save all your favorite songs to your computer first.

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