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Where is Amazon Music Saved? [Simple & Comprehensive]

Whether you're a big fan of a particular artist or not, I'm sure you've felt how inseparable music has become from people's lives. In recent years, streaming music has quickly taken over the market and Amazon Music has gained a foothold. Amazon Music is both an audio streaming platform and an online music shop where you can buy individual songs. Amazon offers two plans for its music service, Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited, which itself has four tiers.

Once you become a paid Amazon Music subscriber, then you will unlock the ability to download Amazon Music and play it offline. This surprising feature solves the problem that you can't enjoy music without problems in places with bad internet. But many readers have raised a question that has been bothering them for a long time. They could not find the relevant downloaded Amazon Music files after searching for them on their devices, and even though Amazon Music offers an option to select the root location, they still could not find the exact location of these files. Please don't worry, in this article, we will show you by hand how to find the location of your Amazon Music downloads and how to get the MP3 local files from Amazon Music. Please scroll down to read.

where amazon music is saved

Part 1: Where is the Purchased Amazon Music Saved?

If you are downloading songs that you have purchased through the Amazon shop, you can download the songs directly to your local area. If you are downloading purchased music using a web browser, the files are usually saved in your browser's default "Downloads" folder. You can import these files into another media player for playbacks, such as iTunes and Windows Media Player. So where exactly are you going to find the downloaded Amazon music?

If you have already downloaded the song you want, you can simply find the following path directly. If you haven't downloaded it yet, you will need to find your Amazon Music purchase history to download it. First, you need to go to the Amazon Music digital shop. Click on the "Library" option. Then click on "Digital Orders" in Orders. If there is too much data, you can quickly locate it by filtering the songs that match the criteria, for example, the date of purchase.

On a Windows: Your downloaded and purchased Amazon music for Windows computers will be kept in the default area of "This PC > My Music > Amazon Music."

On a Mac: For Mac computers, your paid items are usually saved in the "Music > Amazon Music" folder by default.

On an Android: Downloaded Amazon Music files for Android devices are always stored at "/Android/data/".

Part 2: Where are the Amazon Music Streaming Contents Stored?

2.1 Find Downloaded Amazon Music Streaming Contents on PC

Step 1Open File Explorer first on your PC, then select "View > Options". Select the View tab and check the box next to "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" in the Folder Options window that appears, then click "OK".

find hidden folder on windows

Step 2When you've modified the default settings, navigate to "C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Amazon Music\Data" to find the downloaded Amazon Music files. where UserName is the username associated with your computer.

find amazon music downloads on windows

2.2 Find Downloaded Amazon Music Streaming Contents on Mac or iPhone

When you download music from Amazon to an iPhone or Mac, where is it kept? In actuality, we had trouble locating the Amazon audio files that had been downloaded and were left with only some cached information.

For iPhone devices the cached data is generally stored in this path: ""; and for Mac, you can find it here: "UserName/Library/Application Support/Amazon Music/Data".

2.3 Find Downloaded Amazon Music Streaming Contents on Android

Step 1Click the "Menu" button after opening the Amazon Music app on your phone.

Step 2Access the "Settings > Storage" location menu.

Step 3If the storage location is internal, the data should be accessible via this path: "Phone/Android/Media
". Looking in the following location if the storage space is external (SD card): "Card/Android/Media/Com.Amazon.MP3"

amazon music downloads's location on android

Well, having seen this, you'll find that you've been able to find the location of your downloaded Amazon Music files with ease. But the bad news is that you will find that these files are still only available inside the Amazon Music app. They are only cached files and cannot be edited, moved, or played by other players. You may think this is unfair, why can't you, as a paying customer, use Amazon Music freely? That's because Amazon Music, like other streaming audio and video platforms, puts special protection on the files.

So, is there another possible way to download Amazon Music as a local file? Of course! There are always more ways than difficulties. We would like to introduce you to an easy-to-use and very useful tool - TunePat Amazon Music Converter - so that you can transfer your Amazon music files in MP3 format to other devices for offline playback.

Extra Tips: How to Download Amazon Music in MP3 Format?

The user-friendly TunePat Amazon Music Converter allows you to download Amazon Music songs, albums, song lists, and podcasts in their original audio quality. You can convert Amazon music using this application without installing any other software, including the Amazon Music app, as it is made to rely on the Amazon Music web player. The important tag information will be automatically retained for converted Amazon music. The application is offered in two different Windows and macOS versions. We will provide step-by-step instructions using Windows as our example. Please read on down below.

Key Features of TunePat Amazon Music Converter

tunepat amazon music converter

TunePat Amazon Music Converter

  • okDownload Songs from Amazon Music Unlimited & Prime.
  • okConvert Amazon songs, albums, playlists, or podcasts.
  • okDownload music in MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF/ALAC.
  • okKeep original quality & ID3 tags after conversion.
  • okEnjoy Amazon Music on different devices.

Step 1 Launch TunePat Amazon Music Converter from your computer. On its launch page, you can see a blue button in the middle. Click on the "Open Amazon Music Web Player" to access the embedded Amazon Music web player.

If you are using the program for the first time, you will see instructions pop up at the top of the screen that will guide you through the process of logging into your Amazon account. TunePat is 100% secure and you can be confident in the information protection we have put in place.

login to Amazon Music account

Step 2 Before converting the desired song, click on the "Settings" icon in the top right corner. Select the output format, output sound quality, output path, output file name, etc. according to your needs. Once you have made your selection simply close the window and apply the changes.

set up the output format as mp3

Step 3 Now you can open the single, album, playlist, or podcast from Amazon Music that you want to download as a local file. Then click on the "Add to list" button on the bottom right-hand side. Once clicked, TunePat will automatically read and list all the songs in the pop-up window. Check the target song and tap on "Convert Now".

download amazon music to local

Step 4After the conversion, you can find and play the song you have just converted directly in the "History" module. You can also go to the output folder you set up in Step 2. Locate it and find the Amazon Music that was converted to MP3 or other common formats. You will be amazed to find that these files are now available for you to make full use of, such as transferring to other devices, uploading to cloud services, or sharing with friends and family.

move downloaded amazon music to anywhere


With the above article, you have learned how to locate Amazon Music Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited downloads. You also know that these located files are just virtual files for the Amazon Music app to read. It is useful for the Amazon app, but for you, it is just a cache and has no real meaning.

To get yourself out of this dilemma, you must download TunePat Amazon Music Converter. Use this tool to access Amazon music with ease. In addition to MP3, the downloaded files may be in other popular audio file formats. The song can be permanently saved. Here is a link to the tool's free trial version. Come and give it a go! You won't be sorry.

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