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Where to Find YouTube Music Downloads?

Youtube Music is a music streaming service developed by Youtube under Google. I don't think this well-known music app needs much introduction from us. Recently, we received a message from a YouTube Music user who was very curious about a problem, that is, he had downloaded his favorite YouTube Music to his phone, but couldn't find the related file.

As we all know, YouTube Music offers two different versions for users, free and paid. As a free user, you need to put up with some shortcomings, such as having ads, not being able to play offline, etc. As a paid member, you are very lucky to be able to download any YouTube Music song you like. You can find the exact download method in the first part of the article, or you can also go to the official website to read it. But unfortunately, there is no detailed explanation on the official YouTube page about the storage location of YouTube Music downloads. You don't have to worry, this article has everything you want to know, including how to download YouTube Music for offline playback, where to store the downloaded songs, and how to transfer YouTube Music directly to a specific folder in your phone.

youtube music downloads' location

Part 1: How to Download YouTube Music to Android/iPhone?

Download YouTube Music on Android

There are two ways to download YouTube Music to Android for offline playback:

1. Turn on smart downloads. The app will automatically download for you based on your previous listening history. How to turn on smart downloads? Please run YouTube Music app. Then click on the profile photo. Tap Downloads > Settings. Now turn on Smart downloads here.

2. Choose specific playlists, songs, or albums to download. Open any playlist or album you wish to download and then click on Menu and select the Download option. You can also click the download arrow on the album or playlist details page. If you prefer to get an individual song, navigate to the song, and tap its cover. After that, tap Menu, and then tap Download.

Download YouTube Music on iPhone/iPad:

If you want to download YouTube Music to your iPhone or iPad, you can:

1. Enable the offline mixtape. Based on your prior listening history, the app will automatically download content for you. Similar to the Android phone stated above, this function button can be opened in the same way, although it has a different name. To locate and activate the button, go out the same instructions.

2. Pick a certain album, song, or playlist to download. Tap More and choose Download whenever you see a playlist or album in the YouTube Music app. The download arrow is also available on the album or playlist detail page. The process for downloading a single song is the same: click the target song's cover art, then choose the download symbol to start the download.

Part 2: Where Are Downloaded YouTube Music Songs Stored on Phone?

Downloading YouTube Music to your phone is pretty easy, right? So people are more curious about where the downloaded songs go and if they can find the specific folder on their phone. I think we need to be clear that when you select a track from the YouTube Music app to download, all you get are some "cache files".

So are these files equivalent to "junk files"? Of course not! These files are actually encrypted files that exist in your phone's memory. They can only be read by the YouTube Music app. In other words, even if you find the location of these files, this action is meaningless. You can't edit or move them in any way. Without the YouTube Music app, these files are useless. Just try it and you will know that when you try to play a downloaded YouTube Music file through another program or device, you will get an error message that you are not supported to play that file type.

Of course, if you just want to find your downloaded YouTube Music, you can do so as long as your YouTube Music app is version 4.40 and above. When you want to find a download of one of your songs, search for the keyword directly in the search box, and then you will find a "DOWNLOADS" tab between LIBRARY and UPLOADS. Selecting it will show you the results of songs, albums, and playlists. And surprisingly, the search for download content works even when you don't have an Internet connection!

youtube music downloads

Part 3: What is the Best Way to Transfer YouTube Music to Mobile Phone?

If say you want to download YouTube Music to your computer or cell phone, we have another way in which the percentage can be solved. That is to get rid of the special formats for YouTube Music first. Export these music files in MP3 format and then do the rest.

So how do we convert YouTube Music to MP3 format? Is it necessary to have a YouTube Premium or a YouTube Music Premium account? No need! All you need is a TunePat YouTube Music Converter! TunePat YouTube Music Converter is a tool designed for downloading YouTube Music songs, albums, or playlists. The interface is simple and easy to use. Even if you can enjoy the 10x conversion speed, you don't have to worry about any tags or sound quality damage. You will get the same audio files that you see and hear on YouTube Music. Next, let's take a look at the steps.

Key Features of TunePat YouTube Converter

tunepat youtube music converter

TunePat YouTube Music Converter

  • okDownload YouTube Music onto the computer.
  • okSupport MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF/ALAC format.
  • okSupport YouTube Free or Premium account.
  • okKeep ID3 tags and good quality after conversion.
  • okTransfer YouTube Music to an MP3 player, Android watch, etc.

Step 1 Please launch TunePat YouTube Music Converter on your computer. By clicking the "Open YouTube Music Web Player" button in the interface's center, you may access TunePat's integrated YouTube Music Web Player. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to sign in to your YouTube Music account by clicking the "SIGN IN" button.

sign in to YouTube music

Step 2 You may easily visit the "Settings" panel and change the output format (MP3 is recommended), output quality, output path, output file name, etc. to suit your needs. Additionally, the output files can be organized in line with your preferences, making it easier for you to manage your local music library. The converted files can be sorted by Artist, Album, Artist/Album, Album/Artist, Playlist, or you can save all the music in one folder.

Customize the output parameters of YouTube Music

Tip: The Download Video in the Settings panel is an option that is turned on by default. If you don't have this need, it is recommended to turn it off in order not to affect your conversion speed.

Step 3 Once you've finished setting up, open the song, playlist, album, or podcast you want to convert from YouTube Music. Then, click the "Add to list" button in the bottom right corner to make TunePat start reading the songs included on this page. Then check off each of your target items in the pop-up window and click "Convert Now".

download YouTube Music for listening offline

Step 4 When all the YouTube songs have been converted, you can go to the "History" module. View the past downloads. Or move your mouse over a song and click the "Play" button to the left of the song name to play the song in TunePat. Click on the "Folder" icon on the right to jump directly to the local folder. Or, you can select one or more songs and click the "Delete" icon at the top left to remove them.

check the downloaded YouTube Music

Step 5 Now you've got YouTube Music local files saved in MP3 format.TunePat YouTube Music Converter also supports other formats including AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, and ALAC. Whichever format it is, once downloaded, you can transfer it to your smartphone very quickly.

You just need to connect your Android or iOS phone to your computer via a USB cable, find out your device's external folder, and then drag and drop YouTube music files from your computer locally to the corresponding folder on your phone. Once transferred, the songs can be read by any media player on your phone, including the one that comes with your phone.


All in all, YouTube Music songs downloaded with a paid account are very difficult to find exactly where they are located on your phone. Since they are encrypted files themselves, there is no official explanation for this. Not only is it very difficult to find them, but even if you do, the files will not be recognized and used by third-party players other than YouTube Music.

That's why we recommend you this versatile TunePat YouTube Music Converter, which will download and save your favorite YouTube Music to your computer as a normal audio file, and then you will realize a lot of possibilities, including transferring to other portable devices, smart TVs, uploading to cloud drives, etc.

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